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Apr 14

24 Hour Dentist Miami

Miami Dentist Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D Provides 24-Hour Dental Care

Dr. Ricardo Castaneda is an emergency Miami dentist that provides 24-hour dental care. Call (305) 598-6665 or his beeper (305) 580-2928.

Relieve Tooth Pain with 24-Hour Dental Care Miami

(United States, Florida, Miami)- Anyone who has experienced unbearable tooth pain in the middle of the night, understands the importance of 24-hour dental care. Tooth decay can lead to tooth pain from an underlying infection. Over the counter pain, medication and numbing agents cannot resolve this type of discomfort. However, an emergency dental appointment can provide relief with antibiotics and prescription pain reliever. In most cases, a root canal or extraction will completely resolve the issue. Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. Is a family, and cosmetic dentist in Miami Florida who provides 24-hour dental care. He provides after hours dental care appointments by phone. Patients are to call (305) 598-6665 or his beeper (305) 580-2928.

Flexible Office Hours and 24-Hour Dental Care

Dr. Castaneda understands that dental needs arise unexpectedly. A chipped tooth, a toothache, or lost filling can occur at anytime of the day or night. This is why Dr. Castaneda provides flexible office hours Monday through Sunday as well as after hours dental care. Dr. Castaneda and his caring staff are committed to maintaining each patient’s dental health and appearance. Patients that require dental care outside of the scheduled office hours can call (305) 598-6665 or call Dr. Castaneda’s beeper at (305) 580-2928 for an urgent care appointment. Dr. Castaneda provides quick, professional dental care 24-hours a day.

On Call Dentist with 24-Hour Dental Care


Dr. Ricardo Castaneda does not want any patient to suffer with dental pain while waiting for an appointment. This is why he is on call 24-hours a day and provides his emergency beeper number (305) 580-2928 for prompt dental care appointments. Regular office hours are listed online featuring weekend and extended hour care. Patients can also call (305) 598-6665 to inquire about accepted insurance providers, payment options, and Care Credit application.

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