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Sep 12

Dental Emergencies Can Ruin Your Weekend – Call Kendall’s Popular Emergency Dentist, Dr. Castaneda, For Help

Available day or night, Dr. Ricardo Castaneda fixes all types of dental issues – Call 305-598-6665 to make an appointment.

During the last few weeks of summer, many people try to fit in as many outdoor activities as possible. Sometimes these activities involve men or women trying a sport or hobby that they are not too familiar with, and occasionally the result is an unexpected injury or accident. So what happens when that injury involves your teeth? Often times, these incidents occur on the weekend, or in the evening hours. Many assume they have to live in pain and anxiety until Monday morning to have their dental emergency treated, but this is simply not the case. Dr. Ricardo Castaneda is Miami/Kendall’s emergency dentist and has successfully been treating all types of dental emergencies for many years. Dental issues can quickly become a crisis if not swiftly and properly treated. Calling Dr. Castaneda as soon as your dental emergency happens will give you an opportunity to speak with him about your options. There is no reason to live in pain and worry when one of South Florida’s leading emergency dentist’s is available to see you, even during non-traditional hours. In addition, he can discuss payment and financing options, so your dental issue can be taken care of quickly, ultimately saving your teeth.

Emergency Dentist Dr. Ricardo Castaneda Treats All Dental Issues

Dental accidents and injuries are not the only types of dental issues that can ruin your day or night. Other dental emergencies can come on quickly, causing severe pain or infection. It is just as important to see a dentist quickly in these situations. Fortunately, Dr. Ricardo Castaneda Is available when you need a dental emergency expert. Call him immediately if you are experiencing any of the followings problems:

• Abscess

• Infection

• Jaw Pain

• Severe Toothache

• Lost or Cracked Fillings

• Emergency Root Canal

• Mouth and Gum Injuries

• Chipped or Missing Teeth

Are you experiencing an unforeseen dental emergency? There is no reason to let the pain ruin your night, weekend, or holiday. Dr. Ricardo Castaneda is just a phone call away. Call him at (305) 598-6665 or page him at (305) 580-2928.

If you are experiencing a dental emergency such as a chipped or cracked tooth, as pictured above, let Dr. Ricardo Castaneda restore your teeth back to their normal appearance. Acting quickly to dental problems and seeing an experienced dentist can help save your smile. Whether you need to be seen for an infection or emergency late-night root canal, Dr. Castaneda will be glad to treat you promptly. His office, conveniently located in Miami, is designed with advanced equipment to serve his patients quickly and efficiently. No one is more understanding of a painful dental emergency than Dr. Castaneda; this is why he makes himself available during the day or night for residents and visitors of the Miami area who are experiencing a dental issue. Fast, professional, top-quality and affordable treatment is available when a dental emergency strikes you or a loved one. Your teeth and smile are irreplaceable – let Dr. Castaneda keep them in great condition, no matter what type of issue you are having. Call him today at (305) 598-6665 or page him at (305) 580-2928.

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