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Jun 18

Don’t Let a Dental Emergency Ruin Summer Fun in Miami

With springtime coming to a close and summer about to be in full swing, the beautiful city of Miami will be full of fun and entertainment-seeking visitors and residents. Whether you plan on taking part in a water sport, on-land sporting activity, rollerblading along the streets of Miami, or going out for a bike ride with your family, dental emergencies can happen quickly and unexpectedly. Many people accidently chip or lose a tooth during an unexpected fall while out on an innocent weekend jog. Others get a little too rowdy when playing a Sunday afternoon sports game with friends. Whatever dental emergency you may be experiencing, you might also be wondering if it can wait until Monday to call a dentist. Luckily, renowned Miami emergency dentist, Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, is available to treat any dental emergency, any day of the week (or weekend), whether it is day or night.
You may be unaware that certain dental emergencies should be seen immediately, in order to save a tooth and prevent widespread infection. Dr. Ricardo Castaneda has helped countless patients recover quickly from a variety of dental emergencies including loose or lost teeth, severe toothache, jaw and mouth injuries, root canals, cracked or lost caps or fillings, and more. Whether you are visiting Miami or are lucky enough to live here, your weekend does not have to be ruined by an unexpected dental emergency.