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Jun 18

Don’t let a dental emergency ruin your exciting summer time weekend plans! Call Miami’s Emergency Dentist, Dr. Castaneda, right away at (305) 598-6665 or page him at (305) 580-2928.

Dr. Ricardo Castaneda caters to those in the Miami and Kendall areas and sees patients anytime, day or night, in his beautiful Miami office. Furnished with state-of-the-art equipment and a compassionate and skilled staff, Dr. Castaneda will do everything in his power to see you right away and properly treat your dental emergency. If you are wondering whether or not your dental issue needs to be seen immediately, call Dr. Castaneda right away and speak with him directly. Let Miami’s emergency dentist help you save your smile and get you back to enjoying your South Florida weekend.
Dr. Castaneda promises to provide you with swift, professional and affordable service, no matter the time, day, or dental issue. As you can see from the pictures provided below, Dr. Castaneda combines his professional knowledge and experience with unmatched artistry to make your smile look as beautiful as it was before the injury.

Do not wait until Monday morning and risk losing a tooth or your smile. Contact Miami/Kendall emergency dentist, Dr. Castaneda, immediately at (305) 598-6665 or beep him at (305) 580-2928.
Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D.
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