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Apr 14

Emergency Dental Care in Miami

(United States, Florida, Miami) - Dental pain rarely waits until regular office hours to appear and sometimes you just can’t wait until the next morning, or worse, over the weekend. A tooth gets knocked out or broken during a weekend activity and waiting until Monday will not only be painful, it may close the window on being able to successfully put the tooth back in place.

Emergency Dentist in Miami: Available for Dental Emergencies

Fortunately Dr. Ricardo Castaneda offers after hours dentistry for just such emergencies at his office in Miami. However, accidents are not the only dental emergencies handled by Dr. Castaneda. Many people, for one reason or another will put off visiting their dentist. Even when they have a cavity or other problem that occasionally provides discomfort, when it ceases giving them grief they forget about it, maybe not knowing about the availability of an after hours dentist.

Emergency Dentists in Miami Provide Dental Care at Anytime

Almost always, when the pain gets to the point it can no longer be ignored it is the middle of the night or on the weekend when their dentist’s office is closed and they may have trouble finding an after hours dentist. It is at these times that Dr. Ricardo Castaneda is available to help eliminate the discomfort. His office is only one of a few that invites patients to contact him after hours and on the weekend, either by telephone at (305) 598-665 or in an emergency through his beeper at (305) 580-2928. In addition to the services of an after hours dentist other services include treatment for misalignment of the temporal mandibular joint. This joint where the jaw meets the head can present discomfort and may require specific treatment. The office can also provide a specially made mouth guard for those who tend to grind their teeth, in addition to all of the traditional dental services offered. Those who find themselves being kept awake with a toothache or have suffered from an accident in which a tooth has been broken or knocked loose have access to an after hours dentist in the office of Dr. Ricardo Castaneda in Miami, Florida. There is no reason to suffer another night or weekend from a dental problem that can be handles when attention is needed.

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