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Apr 14

Emergency Dentist Appointment in Miami

Call Dr. Ricardo Castaneda for Emergency Dentist Appointments

If a dental emergency occurs don not hesitate to call emergency dentist Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. Visit or call (305) 598-6665 or by beeper (305) 580-2928.

(United States, Florida, Miami) - A dental emergency should never be ignored or left untreated by a professional. An oral injury or tooth damage can become permanent if not treated promptly. A knocked out tooth requires that it be returned to the socket within one hour if it is to be saved. No matter what type of dental emergency occurs or what time or day it occurs, Dr. Ricardo Castaneda is available as an emergency dentist. He performs urgent dental care from his Miami dental office. Visit

Handling a Dental Emergency

When a dental emergency occurs, it is important to remain calm and treat any bleeding immediately. If a tooth becomes knocked out or dislodged, apply clean gauze and gentle pressure to the area while someone calls Dr. Castaneda. If a tooth is knocked out, run the tooth under water if dirty and try to place back in the socket or place the tooth in a glass of milk. Dr. Castaneda uses specialized techniques and dental tools and materials to save damaged teeth and restore the appearance after an injury. If an emergency occurs outside of Dr. Castaneda’s posted office hours (available under hours tab at please call his beeper for an emergency dental appointment. Call (305) 580-2928.

An Emergency Dentist can Fix Lost or Damaged Dental Devices

An emergency dentist can repair a broken bracket, band, or braces wire. Dr. Castaneda can also replace lost fillings or crowns. He responds quickly to any type of dental emergency with reliable dental services. Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. is professionally trained as a family and cosmetic dentist. He uses the highest quality, durable dental materials to ensure that his patient’s dental problems are resolved and that they can have peace of mind when leaving his office. To request an emergency dentist appointment call (305) 598-6665 or by beeper (305) 580-2928.

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