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Apr 14

Miami 24 Hour Dental Care

Receive quick, professional dental care whenever a dental emergency arises. Call (305) 598-6665 or beeper (305) 580-2928.

Knowing Who To Turn To for 24-Hour Dental Care Miami

(United States, Florida, Miami)- Knowing who to turn to for a dental emergency provides a patient with a sense of relief. If a patient chips a tooth, experiences severe oral pain, or experiences oral bleeding, he or she can rely on Miami dentist Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. for 24-hour dental care. Dr. Castaneda provides family and cosmetic dentistry from his Miami Florida office. He provides his patients with both his office phone number (305) 598-6665 and his beeper number (305) 580-2928. Patients in need of 24-hour dental care can call at any time for prompt dental care.

Miami 24-Hour Dental Care

Dr. Ricardo Castaneda’s office is located at 8200 SW 117th Avenue in suite 106 on the 1st Floor. His office is open Monday through Sunday with morning, evening, and weekend office hours listed at Dr. Castaneda is an on call emergency dentist who makes himself available to his patients 24-hours a day. If a child falls and knocks out a tooth, Dr. Castaneda can explain the best steps to save the tooth and create an immediate dental care appointment. Dr. Castaneda and his staff are dedicated to helping their patient’s maintain dental health and a beautiful smile with 24-hour dental care.

Call for 24-Hour Dental Care


Emergency dental care is only a phone call away. Patients in need of emergency 24-hour dental care can call (305) 598- 6665 or beeper (305) 580-2928. Dr. Castaneda takes emergency appointments seriously and provides quick, professional dental care to resolve the issue at hand. A quick over the phone assessment enables him to prepare his office and instruments to quickly treat tooth pain, chipped teeth, lost fillings, etc. To inquire about dental insurance providers or payment options, please complete the online contact request form or call (305) 598- 6665.

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