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Apr 14

Protect Your Child’s Smile

Protect Your Child’s Smile Lifelong with Miami Dentistry

Many parents are surprised to hear that their children should receive their first dental visit by their first birthday. By providing your child with lifelong dental care, he or she has a lower risk of developing cavities, gingivitis, or other oral ailments later in life. Prevention is key to having a strong, healthy, beautiful smile. Miami dentist Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. provides family dentistry for patients of all ages. He can help you and your toddler learn how to care for his or her teeth for proper oral hygiene. He can also perform an oral exam checking the toddler’s teeth, gums, jaws, and bite. He can also address concerns about thumb sucking and how this habit affects the teeth.

Childhood Miami Dentistry

Dr. Castaneda understands the importance of routine Miami dental care with check ups every six months. He informs his patients that preventive check ups can ensure that any cavities or other concerns can be corrected quickly to prevent further issues in the future. As a child develops and their baby teeth come in and fall out to be replaced by adult teeth, Dr. Castaneda can check for proper growth and alignment. Elementary school age children may require a retainer or braces to correct tooth alignment and bite. A misaligned smile not only can cause a child or teen to feel self-conscious it can also cause headaches or oral abrasions from the teeth rubbing or cutting into the soft oral tissue of the cheeks or lips.

Emergency Miami Dentistry

Dr. Castaneda specializes in Miami family dentistry and provides 24-hour emergency dental services. Children may lodge an object between the teeth or experience bleeding teeth from chewing a non-food object. If a dental emergency such as an injury or accident occurs, Dr. Castaneda is available for an urgent dental appointment by calling (305) 598-6665. By calling Dr. Castaneda’s beeper (305) 580-2928, customers can leave a return number to be contacted promptly for a dental emergency appointment. The key in a dental emergency is to remain calm and to stop any bleeding by applying gentle pressure. Then call for an urgent Miami dentistry appointment immediately. Today’s dental innovations can save teeth and help people enjoy a beautiful happy smile throughout their entire life.

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