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Apr 14

Saturday Dentist Miami

Saturday Dentist Miami: Treat Dental Erosion with a Saturday Dentist in Miami

Put your best smile forward with dental whitening services from Miami dentist Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. Visit or call (305) 598-6665 or by beeper (305) 580-2928.

The outer structure of the tooth is known as enamel. Enamel is a hard protective layer that is dissolved by acid in foods, medication, or from stomach acid. Modern life style and dietary habits have led to an increase in dental erosion. The common condition known as GERD (gastro esophageal reflux disease) or acid reflux disease can severely damage the teeth. Once enamel is destroyed, it is irreversible. Tooth wear and erosion leads to thin, sharp, and pitted teeth, Signs of dental erosion are discoloration, sensitivity, and transparency. A study of how GERD affects the teeth showed half of the GERD participants (the other half did not have GERD) had tooth wear and erosion seven times higher than the other study participants. Your dentist can track progress of erosion, help prevent further damage, and treat damaged teeth with crowns, veneers, or fillings. Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. is a Saturday dentist in Miami that treats dental erosion. Visit

Saturday Dentist in Miami Offers Treatment and Prevention for Dental Erosion

Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. helps his patients to understand what dental erosion is and how to effectively treat it. His friendly staff will provide you with a warm welcome. He informs patients not to brush their teeth immediately after they have been exposed to acid. Instead, use a fluoride mouth rinse, baking soda, take an antacid, or chew Xylitol gum. These can help reduce the acid in the mouth and protect the teeth. Drinking a lot of water and rinsing the mouth with water after acidic meals is also beneficial. Dr. Castaneda can suggest specific toothpaste that can also help protect the enamel. Dr. Castaneda can also discuss options for improving the appearance of teeth affected by dental erosion. Veneers, crowns, and tooth colored fillings can improve the appearance of teeth using high quality, durable dental materials. To schedule a Saturday dentist in Miami appointment, please call (305) 598-6665. Dr. Castaneda’s Miami office is open on Saturday from 7:00a.m. to 3:00p.m. His office is located at 8200 SW 117th. Avenue in Suite 106, on the first floor.

Stop Dental Erosion and Protect your Smile with a Saturday Dentist in Miami

Medication, acidic foods and beverages, alcoholism, dry mouth, bulimia, or GERD can cause dental erosion. It is important to share any medical conditions, treatments, or medications with your dentist, so that he can provide the best possible treatment. Dr. Castaneda is available to help his patients stop their dental erosion and protect their smile for healthy, beautiful teeth. Even a subtle change in a patients smile can make a dramatic difference in how they look and feel. Contact Dr. Castaneda for a Saturday dentist in Miami appointment. Visit, call (305) 598-6665or send an email to Dr. Castaneda by completing the online contact form.

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