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Apr 14

Teeth Whitening Dentist in Miami

Whiten your Teeth and Brighten your Smile with Miami Dentistry

Put your best smile forward with dental whitening services from Miami dentist Dr. Ricardo Castaneda, D.M.D. Visit or call (305) 598-6665 or by beeper (305) 580-2928.

(United States, Florida, Miami) - The holiday season is a time when people spend more time with family and friends. They enjoy company and family parties where cameras are ready to capture the fun of the event. Be prepared to flash pearly whites with professional dental bleaching services from Dr. Castaneda of Miami. Dr. Castaneda provides two tooth whitening options. He provides a take home dental whitening kit or in-office whitening services. To request a dental whitening appointment call (305) 598-6665 or schedule an appointment online at

Miami Dentistry at Home Whitening

Dr. Castaneda creates custom whitening trays that are tailored to fit the patients teeth. Once these trays are created they patient fills the trays with a 10-15% concentration oxidizing agent gel. The trays are worn at night with whitening results achieved in five to fourteen days. This can be convenient for patients who do not have the time or budget needed for the in-office treatment. At home whitening from Dr. Castaneda are easy to use and a great option for brightening a patients smile around their own schedule.

Miami Dentistry In-Office Whitening

In-office whitening also known as chair-side whitening can be more costly, but the whitening results occur rapidly. In as little as three twenty-minute sessions, a person can walk out with a dramatically whiter smile. This means the patient walks in and in just over an hour their smile is white and party ready. Whitening ones teeth is not only great for party goers it can also make a great first impression for those interviewing for a new job. Whitening can also make a great gift. To inquire about a dental whitening appointment call (305) 598-6665.

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