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Dec 4

When Dental Emergencies Strike, Call Miami’s Renowned Emergency Dentist, Dr. Ricardo Castaneda for Help

A dental emergency can be an awful experience. Don’t wait to call for help when
Dr. Castaneda can treat you promptly. Call305-598-6665 or visit

Dr. Ricardo Castaneda is South Florida’s dentist of choice when it comes to treating unexpected dental emergencies. He understands that there is never a convenient time to experience a dental emergency, and as a professional, he knows the potential damage that can occur if a patient “waits it out.” Because of this, Dr. Castaneda will work with you to see and treat you as quickly as possible, no matter what type of dental emergency you are experiencing. Emergency dental issues can often be extremely painful, such as an abscess, chipped or broken tooth, swelling or a toothache. Other emergencies, while not very painful in nature, can be embarrassing in terms of appearance. No matter what type of emergency dental issue you are currently facing, Dr. Castaneda wants to speak with you right away and discuss treatment and scheduling options.

Ignoring a Dental Emergency Can Have Devastating Results

If you are experiencing asudden dental emergency, don’t delay in having it seen by a dentist. Many times, when patients try to deal with the pain on their own, hoping it goes away, they are often left needing more extensive and expensive treatment later on. A dental emergency should never be ignored. When you are experiencing pain, yourbody is giving you a signal that a tooth is damaged or showing signs of disease. While some tooth pain may come and go, you should be diligent in having it looked at, as the issue will continue to spread and can ultimately put you in an emergency dental situation.

Each dental emergency is different, and while some people will scour the internet to try to diagnose themselves, it is better to speak to a caring and skilled dental professional. During these emergency situations, it is best to call Miami’s emergency dentist, Dr. Castaneda, who will offer his professional opinion regarding what treatment options you have available. He wants to help you promptly so you can save your teeth and your beautiful smile. Whether you just need a small filling to alleviate your symptoms, or need an emergency root canal or tooth extraction, Dr. Castaneda and his compassionate staff will make you feel at home and put any dental fears at ease. His state-of-the-art Miami office has every convenience possible to ensure you have the best patient experience.

Do not let an unplanned dental emergency ruin your night, special event or weekend. Call Dr. Castaneda now to schedule an appointment at (305) 598-6665 or page him at (305) 580-2928.

Dr. Ricardo Castaneda and his caring staff have successfully treated many visitors and residents throughout the South Florida area who have experienced a sudden dental emergency. If you are in the Miami or Kendall area, need to see a caring and skilled dentist promptly, do not delay. Dr. Castaneda is waiting to hear from you and looking forward to helping you save your smile. Call him  at (305) 598-6665 or page him at (305) 580-2928.

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